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Interview Dressing

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Interview Dressing blog series.

Interview- A meeting worth $100,000

An interview is a business meeting where you promote yourself (i.e. the product/ service) by marketing your skills and capabilities (i.e. features of product/ service) and finally negotiate the salary (the monetary cost of buying the product/ service).

Thus, it becomes compulsory that you cannot wear anything or everything you wish to wear on your D-day (Interview day). You should follow a few rules religiously because your clothes speak for you before you speak for yourself. So, do the selection of your clothes wisely. According to research, A perfect interview outfit can ensure the probability of getting a job by 95% without uttering a single word.

Now, when we say that our clothes speak for us, do they do that? So yes, they do it literally. Let me explain how?

· Choose anything between black/blue/brown/grey/white for your interview. This speaks about the professional in you.

· Select a dark-colored bottom. How does that speak for you? Because it hides any kind of dirt/food stain on your clothes and thus, speaks about your hygiene.

· Wearing a dark-colored top/shirt creates a stronger impression when compared to lighter ones. It displays your boldness.

· Wear comfortable and body-fit clothes, tailor-made for you. This speaks about your personality and dedication towards perfection. Wearing a designer outfit, sometimes also helps to boost your confidence.

· Wear clothes you like (you must enjoy wearing them) and have worn them a couple of times. This brings out your confidence, avoids the situation of malfunctioning, and enables you to maintain your body language.

· Comb your hairs only after drying them properly because wet hair formation looks scattered and often perceived that you don’t control your life.

· Wearing a wristwatch is preferred. It is often perceived as that you value your and others' time.

· If your company has a dress code, follow it. This tells that you are respectful towards the company’s culture and your co-workers. It is often advised to wear formal clothes on your big day, even if the company does not follow any dress code.

Slightly Overdressed

While dressing up for your interview, I would suggest you be slightly overdressed than being underdressed, but it should be in layers, making it easy for you to dress up or dress down, depending upon the situation. For example, you are wearing a formal suit with a tie. While waiting for your turn for face-to-face interaction, you noticed that there is a dirt stain on your jacket. Given the situation, you can now easily dress down by taking off your blazer and walks down for the interview with confidence.

In another common situation, suppose you are wearing a fitted blouse with matching trousers. As soon as you entered the premises, you find the temperature comparatively low, which is making you uncomfortable. Now you can easily dress up by wearing a jacket and make yourself confident and ready for the interview.

That’s all for this blog. See you in the next one. As said, it will be about Interview Dressing.

Stay healthy, stay tuned.

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